Maruti Baleno Price + Overview + Images + Specs 2024

Maruti Baleno Overview

Maruti Baleno is the name of innovation and excellence. By boosting its advanced features Suzuki has introduced some cutting-edge technologies with state of the art in external as well as internal features. This latest marvel comes equipped with all the comfort and luxury that a rider needs while driving. 2023 Maruti Baleno extraordinary elegant exterior, supportive and comfortable interior appointment, and advanced infotainment system. All of the premium designs and fuel-efficient engines are made to stand out among all its iterations. Maruti Baleno proves to be a model of sophistication having all exterior and interior design elements and safety protocols. This hatchback offers a versatile design setting a new standard of advancement and style in a very affordable range for budget-conscious buyers. Maruti Baleno

Maruti Baleno Exterior

The exterior look offers a striking visual appeal with unparalleled styling and dynamic design of the modern Maruti Baleno 2024. Its glossy black and blue accent with sleek curves and bold lines produces a mindblowing and outstanding appearance. The team manufacturer made it a perfect match of style and performance. The front fascia looks divided into upper as well as lower portions. The front oval-shaped grill makes it aggressive with a bold bumper. The Headlights are present on the upper side while the fog lights are cornered just beneath them. 2024 Maruti Baleno stylish 16-inch alloy wheels have another grace and promise the best driving experience on the road. All the doors have chrome accented handlebars just like mirrors and its rear end has a wide rear design.

Maruti Baleno Interior

The interior cabin looks ergonomically designed with proper arrangements of everything. Its ergonomic layout is much liked by the users. Maruti Baleno Interior comfort, connective option, ergonomics, user-friendly machinery, driver assistance features, and premium upholstery make the Maruti Baleno mileage an exceptional choice for customers. There would be accommodated 5-6 persons inside the cabin and can entertain using the best sound system and temperature stabilizers. The interior has a lot of boot space for putting a lot of luggage there. In the central console, there are a lot of buttons to perform various functions.

Maruti Baleno Connectivity

Like other important features connectivity features make you feel at home. Through this, you can enjoy the ride compatible with your smartphone. The charging port, USB, and Bluetooth connections help a lot. Maruti Baleno

Maruti Baleno Safety Features

Some of the unique features like ABS, EBD, cruise control, traction control, etc make the Maruti Baleno mileage safe and sound.

Maruti Baleno Engine

The latest Maruti Baleno SUV comes equipped with versatile drivetrain options such as a 1.2 L petrol engine that can generate power of 90PS and torque of 113Nm promising an enhanced driving experience. Maruti Baleno SUV CNG variant also claims to produce 77.49PS power and 98.9Nm of torque. All the variants work using a 5-speed manual as well as an automatic transmission.

Maruti Baleno Price

Maruti Baleno on road price is four variants and different striking colors. The mentioned Maruti Baleno on road price range is Rs 6.61 Lakhs- 9.88 Lakhs in the Indian Market.

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