Lancia Stratos: A Rally Legend 2024

Lancia Stratos Introduction

The Lancia Stratos, purpose-built for rally racing, emerged as a dominant force during the 1970s and early 1980s. Hasegawa, the renowned model kit manufacturer, offers enthusiasts various versions of the Stratos, with one of its highlights being the 1977 Safari Rally edition, a nod to the most grueling course in the rally series. The 1973 Lancia Stratos remains an iconic legend in the automotive world. Its compact form, distinctive design, and remarkable rally performance make it a celebrated piece of automotive history.

Origins and Development

The Lancia Stratos zero, also known simply as the Lancia Stratos, is a renowned sports and rally car produced by the Italian automaker Lancia. The Lancia Stratos zero designation stands for "High Fidelity," reflecting its commitment to high-performance excellence. This vehicle enjoyed remarkable success as a rally car. In 1970, Lancia unveiled a concept car designed by Bertone, known as the Lancia Stratos Zero. However, apart from sharing a mid-engined layout and the Stratos name, it had little in common with the later Lancia Stratos HF version. In terms of kit parts, the components are impressively well-molded, exhibiting minimal flash and seam lines. Any ejector pin marks are strategically located in concealed areas, and no sink marks were detected, simplifying the cleanup and preparation process for assembly. Click Here Lancia Stratos

Lancia Stratos Rally

Lancia Stratos kit car had enjoyed success in rally racing with the Fulvia coupe, but intense competition. Especially against the Porsche 911 and Alpine Renault, underscored the significance of rear-wheel drive combined. Also, with a rear-engine configuration for enhanced traction. This was all transpiring before Audi revolutionized the landscape with its groundbreaking quattro all-wheel-drive concept. Notably, the model's design features sealed doors, hood, and engine access points, resulting in the absence of an exposed engine, and minimal under-hood details. However, the wheel wells, front and rear portions, and the undercarriage exhibit a satisfactory level of detailing. Lancia Stratos

Rallying Legends

Lancia unveiled the remarkable Bertone-designed Lancia Stratos kit car prototype, a year following the debut of the groundbreaking Lancia Stratos Zero concept car. The Alitalia Lancia Stratos HF, adorned with one of the most legendary liveries in the world. It stands as an enduring symbol of rally car excellence. Its enduring appeal is undeniable, making it an enticing project for enthusiasts and builders alike. For More Info Although I held onto this model kit for five years before finally embarking on the assembly. Lancia Stratos Rally wasn't due to a lack of enthusiasm, but rather the daunting prospect of applying intricate decals. At the time, I had been progressively honing my skills in handling increasingly intricate decal work, and the moment had finally arrived to tackle this challenging task. What sets this model apart is its versatility. Also, it can be appreciated both with and without the removable front light pod cover, showcasing its unique design from various angles. Lancia Stratos

Lancia Stratos for sale

The following morning on the ferry, a troublesome incident occurred when it became apparent. The Lancia Stratos for sale was experiencing a coolant leak from the plumbing located beneath the cockpit floor. A noticeable amount of coolant dripped onto the deck of the ferry. But it was later determined that the issue was simply a faulty heater connection. This problem was swiftly and easily resolved by adjusting the cabin's air setting to "fresh" instead of "warm." As I had anticipated, Saturday turned out to be far from the ideal day to import a car into Britain, especially one as unique as the 1975 lancia stratos hf group 4.

Final Thoughts

However, the customs officials at Dover became notably more cheerful when publisher Frankl arrived as planned. Armed with sufficient funds to cover the estimated duty. Both parties made commitments to revisit and adjust the arrangement if needed in the future. Similar to my concerns about potential complications at the German border. My apprehensions of prolonged delays at Dover turned out to be unfounded: the Stratos was smoothly cruising on British roads roughly an hour after the ferry had docked!

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