Husqvarna FE 501 Introduction And Design 2024

Introducing the Husqvarna FE 501

A powerful and versatile custom motorcycle born from the robust Husqvarna FE 501. This exceptional machine boasts over 60 horsepower from its 501cc single-cylinder engine, all while maintaining a svelte dry weight of just 240 pounds. What sets the 2024 Husqvarna FE 501 apart is its unique ability to transform without any frame or wiring harness modifications, ensuring that performance remains paramount. Husqvarna FE 501   Husqvarna FE 501

Husqvarna 501 Design

At 2024 Husqvarna 501, we envisioned a 2-in-1 bike that could seamlessly adapt to different riding styles. Also, we've achieved this feat without compromising performance. Our journey began with a Husqvarna 501 supermoto, a true hard enduro gem with a racing pedigree. Husqvarna FE 501

Husqvarna 501 Fuel economy

The custom-made fuel tank, constructed from 1.5 mm thick sheet metal. Ingeniously accommodates the original fuel pump, preserving the bike's functionality. A sleek aluminum panel with a leather cover forms the seat. Concealing the electronics and securing itself to a powder-coated sub-frame made from 18mm steel pipe. The 1.5 mm thick rear fender seamlessly attaches to this sub-frame. With the rear brake light neatly positioned just below it. Completing the rear end, an Akrapovic titanium slip-on exhaust adds both style and performance. To enhance on-road capabilities and lower the bike's center of gravity. Moreover, We shortened the WP suspension by 50 mm at the front. This modification ensures a more responsive and agile ride when cruising the streets. Husqvarna FE 501 Husqvarna FE 501

Husqvarna 501 for sale

For nighttime adventures, the Husqvarna 501 for sale is equipped with a powerful LED front light housed in a specially designed lamp housing, providing exceptional illumination. The scrambler version of our creation features 2.15X18” wheels wrapped in Heindenau tires, adding a unique flair to your riding experience. Husqvarna FE 501
Husqvarna 501 Final Thought
What sets the Husqvarna 501 FE apart is its adaptability and thoughtful design, offering a custom kit that includes a bolt-on subframe, fuel tank, and plug-and-play electronics. And yes, there's even an 2023 Husqvarna FE 501 scrambler version to cater to diverse riding preferences. Discover the limitless possibilities with the Husqvarna FE , where form meets function and performance knows no bounds.

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