Honda CR250 Overview And Specifications 2024

Honda CR250 Overview

The Honda CR250 is a two-stroke motocross motorcycle that has been popular among riders and racers for many years. It has a storied history and has undergone various updates and changes over its production years. Here are some key points often mentioned in reviews and discussions about the 2024 Honda CR250:
  1. Powerful Two-Stroke Engine: The 1996 Honda CR250 has been known for its powerful two-stroke engine. Its offering strong acceleration and a thrilling riding experience. Also, Riders often praise its engine for its responsiveness and torque.
  2. Handling: The CR250 has generally been appreciated for its nimble and responsive handling characteristics. It's favored by motocross riders for its agility on the track.
  3. Suspension: Honda has continuously improved the suspension system on the 2001 Honda CR250, making it capable of handling rough terrain and jumps with ease. Good suspension is crucial for motocross, and the CR250 has often delivered in this aspect.
  4. Reliability: Honda is known for its reliable motorcycles, and the 2024 Honda CR250 has traditionally been considered a durable and long-lasting machine. Regular maintenance is essential, as with any dirt bike, to keep it running smoothly.
  5. Brakes: Effective braking is crucial for safety. Moreover, the Honda CR250 2024 has had a reputation for strong stopping power.
  6. Ergonomics: Some riders may have noted that the CR250's ergonomics are comfortable and allow for good control while riding.
  7. Maintenance: Two-stroke engines require more maintenance compared to their four-stroke counterparts. Mainly due to the need to mix oil with the fuel. Moreover, Some riders appreciate the simplicity of two-strokes, while others may find them more demanding in terms of upkeep.
  8. Resale Value: Historically, Honda CR250 for sale have retained their value well in the used motorcycle market, which can be an important consideration for buyers.
Honda CR250

Honda CR250 Specifications

length 2190 mm / 86,2
width 823 mm / 32,4
Wheelbase 1491 mm / 58,7
height 1269 mm / 50,0
Curb weight 96.6 kg (213 lb) (dry)
Ground clearance 346 mm / 13,6
Seat height 950 mm / 37,4
Dry weight 96,5 kg / 213 lbs
Dry weight 96,5 kg / 213
Honda CR250 Honda CR250

Honda CR250 engine Specifications

Cylinder arrangement Single cylinder
Bore & Stroke 66,4 x 72,0 mm
Wheelbase 1491 mm / 58,7
height 1269 mm / 50,0
Type Water-cooled 2-stroke
Honda CR250 horsepower 58,2 hp (42,8 kW) / 8000 rpm
torque 51,0 Nm (5,2 kg*m) / 8000 rpm
Honda CR250 Fuel economy average of 25 mpg
Compression ratio 8.5:1

Honda CR250 for sale

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