Ford Flex Overview, Engine Specs, And Price 2024

Ford Flex Overview

The Ford Flex is an SUV vehicle that was created by the Ford Motor Company. It has only a single-generation production with some important changes in the years between 2009 to 2019. These were the model years 2024 Ford Flex. It comes after the Ford Taurus and the latest model has some minor changes from the previous ones and it is the final model year for the vehicle. It is a complete Cross-over SUV. Also, it was sold out in many countries. It has a starting price of KWD (Kuwaiti Dinars) 8,000.

Ford Flex Limited

The Ford Flex 2024 has 3.5L EcoBoost Limited (AWD) stands at KWD 13,500 including VAT. This 3.5-litre 6 Petrol engine generates 365 horsepower and 474 Nm of torque. The Ford Flex for sale is available in nine colors depending on the customer's choice. These are Blue, Burgundy Velvet, White Platinum, Agate Black, Ingot Silver, Magnetic, Ruby Red and Stone Grey. It comes up with a lot of interior changes and some safety measures have been taken to avoid any type of injury or accidents. Ford Raptor Ford Flex

Ford Flex Exterior

The Exterior dimensions of the 2009 Ford Flex include a Length of 5.126 meters, a Width of 1.930 meters, and a Height of 1.727 meters. The size of the wheelbase measures 2.995 meters. Its fuel Tank capacity is 1223 liters. It has Auto Headlamps for the detection of daylight to inform the dashboard whether to switch the lights or not. It has Advanced Chrome Door Handles with easy grip. Moreover, It has a Radiator Grille polished with Chrome that increases its efficiency by up to 30%. Exhaust Pipes are designed in such a way that it increases the engine performance. (Haibike) Chrome polishing is better than any color used for exhausts. The presence of Dual Exhausts helps in faster airflow. It has Electric Door Mirrors, LEDs, Rear wipers, and wheels made of Aluminum alloy. Ford Flex

Ford Flex Interior

The Ford Flex Interior is made up of comfortable leather seats, and Armrest with front seats. It is comprised of a Central Locking system that automatically locks all the doors of a vehicle by using only one button. All the front and rear seats are foldable with automatic seat adjustment. Wood Trimming is used to give a natural decorative view. The 2012 Ford Flex has vanity mirrors. Moreover,  It has Map Reading Lamps in which light helps the drivers by following the map. It has cupholders to put any material in it. It has lights mounted in its cargo area.

Engine Specifications

The 2019 Ford Flex uses petrol as a fuel type and a fuel tank capacity of 70 liters. Also, It has an Engine Capacity of 3.5 liters with 6 number of Cylinders. Its engine produces 365 horsepower at the rate of 474 torque (Nm) with Automatic Transmission.
Ford Flex Engine Name 3.5L "DuraTec" V6
Number Of Cylinders 6
 Trim SE, SEL, and Limited
Ford Flex Horsepower 287 horsepower
Torque 350 pound-feet

Ford Flex

Safety Features

To avoid any type of mishap, safety equipment is installed on vehicles. It is a blessing too. Like all vehicles, it also has some common safety equipment in it such as ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Auto Door Lock system, and Anti theft alarm. The 2024 Ford Flex has a Speed Limit, Traction Control, Rear Camera, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, and airbags.

Ford Flex price

The market Ford Flex price rate of Ford Forex is KWD 11,375 which equals the 36,898.01dollars.

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