Ducati Desert X Review + Specs + MSRP 2024

Ducati Desert X Review

Since the late 1800s, motorcyclists have been irresistibly drawn to versatile machines. Throughout history, riders have consistently pushed limits, aiming for greater distances, higher speeds, and more challenging terrains. The essence of two wheels represents freedom and liberation from the constraints of traditional vehicles. The introduction of the Ducati Desert X at the 2019 EICMA show marked a significant moment. Originally conceived as a design experiment, its rally-inspired aesthetics, reminiscent of the golden era of Paris Dakar, sparked enthusiasm across the Internet, leaving numerous fans in awe. Surprisingly, in under three years, we now navigate the Ducati Desert X for its first ride review. Nevertheless, some limitations of the initial concept required attention. Notably, it was constructed on the Scrambler 1100 platform, boasting an air-cooled 1087cc engine that produced a modest 86 horsepower within a street-focused chassis. Furthermore, the original concept's swingarm constrained the rear wheel to a 17-inch size. Ducati Desert X

Making A Better Ducati Desert X

Ducati has historically adhered to a design strategy for its adventure bikes, which involves initially creating a street-oriented chassis and subsequently modifying it for off-road capabilities. However, a departure from this approach is evident in the new Ducati Desert X 2024, where engineers prioritized off-road performance from the outset. The foundation of the motorcycle was laid with a primary focus on excelling in off-road conditions, with street attributes being incorporated later in the development process. Under the hood, the 2024 Ducati Desert X boasts Ducati's proven 'water-cooled' 937cc Testastretta V-Twin engine, borrowed from the Multistrada V2, delivering a robust 110 horsepower and 68 ft-lbs of torque. In addition to the powerful engine, the transmission underwent fine-tuning, with lower gearing specifically in first and second gears. This adjustment aims to enhance power delivery at lower speeds, particularly beneficial for trail riding scenarios. The result is a bike that not only showcases Ducati's renowned off-road capabilities but also ensures a formidable performance on the street. Ducati Desert X

Ducati Desert X msrp

The motorcycle, adhering to Ducati's acclaimed standards, is furnished with a sophisticated array of rider aids. These are effortlessly controlled through user-friendly thumb switches and a vertically-oriented 5" TFT display. Additionally, it boasts Bluetooth connectivity for managing phone calls and music playback. Standout features comprise cruise control, an up/down quick shifter, six adaptable ride modes (Sport, Touring, Urban, Wet, Enduro, Rally), and a lean angle-sensing four-mode ABS system, with the option to turn it off, enhancing the bike's adaptability. Ducati Desert X accessories, renowned for its illustrious heritage in competitive two-wheeled motorsports since the 1950s. It has consistently demonstrated excellence on paved racetracks. The brand's extensive track experience has played a pivotal role in shaping innovative technologies. With the iconic desmodromic valve design remaining a hallmark feature that defines even their latest models. Recognized for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of design. Ducati has introduced noteworthy elements like the tube trellis frame in the 1970s and groundbreaking utilization of all-carbon-fiber components in the 1299 Superleggera. With a steadfast dedication to crafting irresistible high-performance machines. Ducati showcases its expertise with the introduction of the Ducati Desert X accessories. Ducati Desert X

Ducati Desert X Specs

The 2023 Ducati Desert X is a dual sport motorcycle that seamlessly balances nimble handling. Boasting a commendable fuel range and exuding a distinctive character, Ducati Desert X Specs offers riders a thrilling experience. However, its price point surpasses the budgetary preferences of many, positioning it as a premium choice in the dual sport category.

Ducati Desert X price

Distributed by Ducati with an MSRP starting from $17,095. The Ducati Desert X price is powered by a robust Testastretta liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder engine. Its employing a desmodromic valvetrain and 4-valve configuration. With a displacement of 937cc, it produces a formidable 110hp at 9,250rpm and 68lb-ft of torque at 6,500rpm. The motorcycle features a 6-speed transmission, slipper and self-servo wet clutch, and chain drive. Ducati Desert X 2022 price Its dynamic attributes include a 27.6° rake/trail combination of 4.8 inches, contributing to its responsive handling. Weighing in at 492lbs wet (445lbs dry), the Ducati Desert X for sale maintains a comfortable seat height of 34.4 inches. Noteworthy options include a 5.54-gallon fuel capacity and an available 2-gallon rally tank. The bike is offered in a striking white color, rounding out its appeal. And for riders seeking a potent and versatile dual sport adventure.

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