BMW E30 Price + Colors Options + Design + Specs 2024

BMW E30 Introduction

Some car models have stood the test of time and solidified their place in automotive legend. Even decades after its initial release, the BMW E30, a real classic of the 1980s and 1990s, continues to win the hearts of fans everywhere. The BMW E30 is a classic that has stood the test of time because of the unique combination of form, function, and personality it represents.

BMW E30: A Glimpse into the Past

With its release in the early 1980s, the BMW E30 heralded the beginning of the second generation of the 3 Series. Its introduction marked an evolution away from bulky previous designs and towards a more efficient and compact shape. BMW's future vehicles would be influenced by this new design philosophy, which not only enhanced the vehicle's performance but also established a new design language. BMW E30

BMW E30 colors options And Codes

Name Of Paint Paint code Years
Salmon Silver Metallic 203 03/1986 thru 08/1989
Brilliant Red 308 09/1989 thru 12/1990
Diamond Black Metallic 181 03/1986 thru 12/1990
Sterling Silver Metallic 244 09/1989 thru 12/1990
Cinnabar Red 138 09/1987 thru 08/1989
Diamond Black Metallic 181 03/1986 thru 12/1990
Alpine White II 218 01/1988 thru 12/1990
Alpine White 146 03/1986 thru 12/1987
Henna Red 52 03/1986 thru 08/1987

BMW E30 Design Elegance

The 2024 BMW E30 styling achieves a perfect balance between elegance and sportiness. Its front end is readily recognizable because of its classic lines, kidney grille, and dual headlamps. BMW E30 2024 small size and simple profile are two of the reasons why it has endured in popularity among collectors of classic automobiles.

Engineered for Driving Pleasure

The 2023 BMW E30 is distinguished from its rivals by its dedication to providing a thrilling driving experience. Also, The vehicle might be equipped with anything from a fuel-efficient four-cylinder to a peppy six-cylinder engine. Drivers may find the optimal performance-to-fuel-efficiency ratio by adjusting the various settings.

Driving Dynamics: Where the Road Comes Alive

The bond between the driver and the BMW E30 M3 is obvious behind the wheel. The chassis was carefully designed to deliver agile handling and accurate steering. So you can take on every curve in the road with confidence. The driving characteristics were further improved by the rear-wheel-drive arrangement, which provided an unrivaled feeling of oneness with the vehicle. BMW E30

BMW E30 Engine Specs

Power 170 Hp @ 5800 rpm.
Power per litre 68.2 Hp/l
Engine displacement 2494 cm3 (Porsche 964)
Number of cylinders 6
Torque 222 Nm @ 4300 rpm
Engine Model code M20B25
Engine layout Front, Longitudinal
configuration Inline
Piston Stroke 75 mm
Cylinder Bore 84 mm
Fuel injection system Multi-point indirect injection

BMW E30 Interior

It's as if you've stepped into a time capsule of automotive design when you enter the BMW E30 interior. The cabin is designed with the driver in mind. Also, with an ergonomic arrangement that puts all the controls where they need to be. The cabin oozes functionality and class thanks to the thoughtful design. And centers on the driver and the use of premium materials. For more info: BMW 760 

BMW E30 Interior Specs

  • Head Room, Rear. 935 mm.
  • Hip Room, Rear. 1,332 mm.
  • Head Room, Front. 958 mm.
  • Hip Room, Front. 1,321 mm.

Enduring Legacy: E30's Influence on Modern BMWs

The BMW E30's impact will be felt long after its manufacturing years have ended. BMW's current range is heavily influenced by the BMW E30 for sale groundbreaking styling and engineering. The E30 was a forerunner in many ways, including the dedication to providing a well-rounded driving experience. The prominence of attractive but dynamic design, and the concentration on driver involvement.

BMW E30 Price

The BMW M3 Coupe - E30, with an average BMW E30 Price of $73,174, was available for purchase during the model years spanning from 1987 to 1991.
Final Thought
Few automotive models have the staying power to be celebrated and admired long after they were first introduced. The BMW E30 is a model of automotive brilliance. It has won the hearts of both car aficionados and everyday motorists. Elegant in appearance, engaging to drive, and impressively well-engineered. The BMW E30 has earned its place in automotive history as a real classic.

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